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Group Home

Services Provided: Activities of daily living” or “ADLs” means personal care activities and include bathing, dressing, transferring, toileting, grooming, and hygiene, feeding, and eating. An individual’s degree of independence in performing these activities is part of determining the appropriate level of care and services.

Also, we ensure that skill-building, routine support, general support, and safety support are adequately provided to enable an individual to acquire, retain, or improve skills necessary to successfully live in the community.


The MISSION of RossyBright’s Residential Group Home is to provide a safe, supportive, and structural living environment for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to exercise their rights to make choices, grow and contribute to their community.

RossyBright and its team of health professionals strive to support each person in a positive and nurturing environment, which integrates all aspects of living, working, and learning, and acknowledges their place as a valued and viable member of the community


At RossyBright, our philosophy is that persons with developmental disabilities are full citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia and as such, deserve to be fully integrated into the community. We do understand that individual strengths and challenges must be assessed, and a supportive network is provided for each individual to be actively involved in home and community life to the fullest degree possible.

DIVERSITY is honored and celebrated, with the realization that each person is unique, and that “normal” is a subjective word;

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